Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bedazzled shoes!

So, you may remember from This Post all of the difficulties I had finding cute wedding shoes.
My dress is ivory, and in order to not need extra length, my heels had to be shorter than 2" high (well that, and the fact that I'm already 6 ft. tall barefoot). Add in the fact that it's an outdoor ceremony and wedges will keep me from sinking into the ground, my options were VERY limited. I knew I wanted some sort of heel, just because it makes me feel feminine and put-together. I also knew I wanted them to be appropriate for our black-tie affair. And have SOMETHING to do with our accent color: coral.

Here is the original:
White satin, not a very stable ankle strap, disgusting grosgrain ribbon behind brooch.
I mean, it's a cute shoe, just needed some work!

So here they are with some embellishing:

I dyed them ivory and added pearls behind the brooch after cutting off that ribbon.
Then, instead of the strap, I have 3 satin ribbons: ivory, coral, light pink.
The wedges have been decorated with a light pink sparkle

They are just the perfect little secret!


Keeping Busy!

In like a lion -- out like a lamb!

I just love the spring -- my senses are rejuvenated, and I become inspired again!
I've been busy designing some weddings and Bat Mitzvahs as of late, as well as crafting up various birthday gifts for friends and their babies.

And stuff for my own wedding.
Let's just say it's HARD to find CUTE bridal shoes with a low wedge heel.
In ivory.
Unless I am 80 years old.

But after weeks of searching, I found these:
BUT they are white. And what in heaven's name is up with that white grosgrain ribbon behind the embellishment???? Anyway, I removed that hot mess and dyed them ivory. And added some pearls and sparkle. And will tie with ribbons instead of that ankle strap.
When they dry, I will post a pic!

Sweet baby Meredith turned ONE! So she got a butterfly ribbon wreath for her Pottery Barn "brooke" inspired room:

My friends needed a painting for the wall behind their couch:

Our Save the Dates went out!!!
It's a magnet tied onto cardstock with hotel info:

And we've been doing a LOT of cheering on the CATS!!!

And I'm in the midst of training for the Potomac River Marathon on May 6.

More to come!