Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embellishing in my sleep!

Well, it's happened. I've officially started having dreams about the invitations I am working on. I was notified this morning that last night I had to "get the papers that are flying away! The papers I cut today are flying away and I need to get them!" Hahaha! At least my brides will know I am serious about this!

JORDAN -- purple/black/white long invites with postcard RSVPs. SOO beautiful, and I cannot wait to post a pic!

WHITNEY -- yellow/black/white photobooth save the dates. The bride says she wants them to be "whimsical." I could not think of a more fun word to describe your wedding!

RACHEL -- Purple wedding everythings for a dear friend's sister. Beth was married in January and now her sister Rachel will be married in May. I am SO excited to work with her sunflower-and-purple theme! I drew up this idea board for her to get started, and I must say -- this is going to be gorgeous and regal!

And of course there are the odds-and-ends projects as well. I have been working on a few paintings for some friends, perfecting my sewing skills, and even putting together some wedding photo albums!

Enjoy these remaining summer days!