Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jack's Wall Art

Jack's wall hangings...

Baby Jack's nursery has a transportation theme. So fun!

I took the design of the bedding ...

... and made it into these matching button-and-canvas wall hangings.

Aiden's wall art coming soon!

spring weddings!

I am working on some spring and summer weddings now. Yay! I love love LOVE the colors of spring. Anything to get me out of this snow and slush mess! As of this evening, will see some minor changes -- just an addition of some things completed in recent months.

It's fun when I hear from a bride who loved an invitation she got in the mail SO much that she just has to have the same one for her wedding. Lets me know I'm doing something right. I have one invitation that has now been used 3 times, but difference color schemes and a few alterations each time. For example, the original bride wanted the purple and black pocketfold to be tied with a little skinny ribbon and bow. The second bride wanted the same pocketfold but red and black and a larger ribbon with her monogram tag on the front. The third bride wants it to be black and hotpink. The good news is, I love customizing these for each individual bride.

I also just completed two wall hangings for a friend's little boy, Aiden, who just moved up into his big boy room. Canvases are such a fun way to grow my creative cells and really let the imagination soar. I just did 3 nursery canvases for another dear friend's newborn son, Jack. They are button-sewn and just darling. Photos to come.

In the midst of this, I will be helping my friend Jennifer prepare for her spring wedding. It is going to be on a lake, and since Jen is not normally into all this wedding jazz, she has asked me to take charge! The colors are Olive, navy and cornflower, and I cannot wait to arrange her bouquets and make her little pillow and basket. I will also be putting together a flower girl crown of flowers.

When choosing the name of my business, I wanted to make sure I picked something that was not invitation-specific. I wanted people to know that if it's creative, Embellished by Emily can do it. You come to me with your fabulous ideas, and I just add onto them, embellishing your thoughts and dreams of how you want the finished product to look. So far I'm loving every second of it!