Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I know, I know. It's December, and I should expect the weather to be less than desirable but REALLY. It's cold out there! Which only means one thing -- more time to Embellish! Thankfully my brain hasn't frozen, and I am doing some major projects. I have three weddings in May, so I have produced the save-the-dates for those and am working on the invitations now:

Rachel and Wes: Aren't they adorable?!

Friends continue to have babies. It really does seem like every time someone calls me, it's to announce a pregnancy or engagement. Such happy times.

New baby Blakely: Beautiful boy
 90th birthday celebration: Congrats!

This past weekend, the mama of this sweet girl asked me to come over and help her out with a major problem. They bought a dollhouse for Grace for Christmas, but the back of it is so bland and boring!! ENTER EMILY! I painted their little family and a tree and some clouds and birds on the back to jazz it up a bit. I'm still waiting on pix from that, but cannot WAIT to upload them when they come in.

Grace playing with my Yoshi:

The holiday decorations in our house are full-force, and I cannot wait to move into a bigger home so I can decorate stair banisters and mantel pieces.

My Christmas will be spent in sunny Tampa this year, but I will be accessible by phone and email throughout the entire holiday season, so feel free to contact me as you please!