Monday, December 14, 2009

spring weddings!!!

I am up to my ears in pink paisley and green pocketfolds! That can only mean one thing -- springtime wedding season is just around the corner! And I couldn't be more excited.

Before I get too excited about the warm weather again (since it is only December) I should point out that some of the schemes I'm working on for January and February weddings are gorgeous. Red seems to be a very popular wedding color. I'd say it's probably surpassed purple.

Red/black/silver is also popular and elegant.
Beth and Jason are having a Kansas wedding in January, using those three colors, and we were both very happy with how they turned out. Her pocketfolds were custom-sized.

Moving on to Danielle and Sergio. This bride is so sweet and has great visions for her wedding day. She wanted Red and gold, and is getting married in a gazebo. The gazebo on this invite is actually from a photo she had taken at the venue on a nasty, rainy day. A little digital alteration, and voila! Perfect graphical element. I LOVE the paper this is printed on. It's a pearlescent called "stardream quartz" and is GORGEOUS. The envelopes are metallic, too! Quite the "pop" the bride requested, I think.

Here's a fun tip for my "green" brides. online RSVP. If it's done right, it is completely elegant and sophisticated. I have a bride who is preparing for a June wedding. Her invitations will be printed on "plantable" paper -- you can plant it after receiving it, and flowers will bloom! The accents on the invitation match her wedding Web site, so when guests hop online to RSVP, it still makes sense. I recommend for setting up an elegant site. They have tons of background options, and their RSVP section is very classy. This idea works best if the majority of wedding guests are internet-savvy, as it might be difficult for people like great-grandma to have access to the internet. The blue in the background of the above picture is handmade paper that will act as the back cardstock for her panel invite. The envelope is recycled, as are the twine pieces. I cannot WAIT to see this final product!

Happy planning! The ideas are limitless!!