Thursday, November 3, 2011

iPhone dump :)

Finished up my second puffy quilt -- this one was for Lisa's baby shower.
Can't wait to see Silas practicing tummy time on it!

Remember Katie and Jonny from last year? She loved their kSj monogram so much that she asked if I could come up with seasonal cards. We did 25 cards and envelopes each for spring, summer, fall and winter.
Here's my favorite -- spring!

Anyone else listening to Christmas music right now? No? Just me, then...


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wreaths for Others!

Stephanie loves monarch butterflies and requested this wreath.
Soo pretty! It can be autumn or summer!

How perfect is that ribbon that looks like a monarch butterfly? It's actually a Halloween ribbon. Perhaps spiderwebs? Who knows. It's PERFECT with the butterflies.


Late Summer Wedding Suite

Now that the fall wedding season is wrapping up, I can share pieces of this awesome wedding suite I did for Jenna and Alex. They saw the invitations I did for Rachel and Wes and loved them, so I used the same sunflower and changed up the colors to fit their style. Enjoy!

front of RSVP postcard

reception menu

thank you cards
I also did the place cards, seating chart and programs, but because all of those have a lot of different peoples' names on them, I'm not going to post. The seating chart was 20x24 mounted on foam core board. The place cards were already at the tables and appropriately labeled with the dinner option of choice.

So fun! And so easy to work with.
Congrats Alex and Jenna!